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1. Of or relating to an organic compound, especially a fatty acid, containing one or more double or triple bonds between the carbon atoms.
2. Capable of dissolving more of a solute at a given temperature.

un′sat·u·ra′tion n.
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Gross margin is expected to be about 37.5% at the mid-point, including about 140 basis points of unsaturation charges.
The unsaturation present in this type of polyesters provides a site for subsequent cross-linking.
The molecular formula was established as, C18H32N2O, by HREIMS (m/z 292.2498), requires four degrees of unsaturation. The compound displayed a set of absorption bands at 207, 257, 263 and 268 nm in the UV spectrum, interpreted for aromatic compound.
Presentations will focus on natural oil attributes such as fatty acid distribution, unsaturation, oxidative stability, and unsaponifiables and how these various attributes affect performance in personal care formulations.
The different fatty acids present in these oils composed of many different types of triglycerides with numerous levels of unsaturation. A high degree of unsaturation (-C=C-) in the fatty acid (FA) chain of many vegetable oils causes poor thermal and oxidative stability and confines their use as lubricants to a modest range of temperature [6].
Iodine value demonstrates the low content of unsaturation of the fatty acid chain and consequent desirable chemical stability of the biodiesel.
However, the correspondence of the variation in Figure 4(a) with the average nut mass (Figure 1), percent oil (Figure 2), and morphology (see Supplementary Material, Figure 3) suggests that the distribution of unsaturation represented by the absorbance in Figure 4(a) may be due to local climate differences.
According to Yakoob, Narayanan, Padikkaparambil, Unni and Akbar (2014), as the number of unsaturation increases, so does the susceptibility of the ester to oxidation.
Due to unique fatty acid profile, cottonseed oil is different among other vegetable oils as it holds a comparatively high level of unsaturation and considered as a healthy vegetable oil.