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If the profoundest prophet could be holden to his words, and the hearer who is ready to sell all and join the crusade could have any certificate that tomorrow his prophet shall not unsay his testimony!
But say I could repent and could obtaine By Act of Grace my former state; how soon Would highth recal high thoughts, how soon unsay What feign'd submission swore: ease would recant Vows made in pain, as violent and void.
To say and strait unsay, pretending first Wise to flie pain, professing next the Spie, Argues no Leader, but a lyar trac't, SATAN, and couldst thou faithful add?
But, nothing could unsay the fact that he had returned, and was there in presence of the Judge and Jury.
Call, therefore, the Achaean heroes in assembly; unsay your anger against Agamemnon; arm at once, and fight with might and main."
Bend hither, that I may place it in your breast; no hand can take it hence, till I unsay the spell that holds it there."
Unsay those words without even saying you are sorry for them, and my arms are open to you still, and so is my heart.'
But look ye, Starbuck, what is said in heat, that thing unsays itself.
the same day, a shooting incident transpired near Datu Unsay Public Market in Barangay Meta, Datu Unsay, Maguidanao where a certain Jack Ebrahim, 27, was shot in the left thigh by an unknown assailant.
Dawaton lang unsay mahitabo nako (I'm sorry to his family because I also have a family.
Anxious and desperate in having some 'paper' in my hands to get Unsay in the event he would not surrender as earlier agreed, I suggested to the NBI team which came from Manila to issue a summons of sorts.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced yesterday that the multiple murder cases againstAndal "Datu Unsay" Ampatuan Jr.