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1. Not suitable to or appropriate for the season.
2. Not characteristic of the time of year: unseasonable weather.
3. Poorly timed; inopportune.

un·sea′son·a·ble·ness n.
un·sea′son·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.unseasonableness - being at an inappropriate timeunseasonableness - being at an inappropriate time  
timing - the time when something happens
seasonableness, timeliness - being at the right time
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Once I remember the party arrived at midnight; but the unseasonableness of the tour did not repress the impatience of the islanders.
"So much the worse!" thought Catherine; such ill-timed exercise was of a piece with the strange unseasonableness of his morning walks, and boded nothing good.
I could not give any connected detail yesterday; but the suddenness, and, in one light, the unseasonableness with which the affair burst out, needs explanation; for though the event of the 26th ult., as you will conclude, immediately opened to me the happiest prospects, I should not have presumed on such early measures, but from the very particular circumstances, which left me not an hour to lose.