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Adj.1.unseductive - not seductiveunseductive - not seductive        
unattractive - lacking beauty or charm; "as unattractive as most mining regions"
seductive - tending to entice into a desired action or state
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So, it is like evoking the glamour of Old Hollywood but ending up looking like a bad photocopy--banal, boring and unseductive.
Except for a few vivid scenes, their story is bland and unseductive, unlike the hard and harrowing reality that takes over in the last half, a series of essays on the real Alfred and Emily, and Lessing's early life in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
Freud would say the return of the repressed The squatter is an avatar of that ubiquitous literary agent, the disturbing influence, the destroyer of peace and stability, eg the terrorist, malignant dwarf, Bebe Toutout in Queneau's Le Chiendent Though they are often unseductive seducers (Tartuffe, though Dorine suggests that Orgon should marry him), soap operas remind us that the charmless can magnetize our attention We all start off, besides, as parasites in the womb The parasite juggles four deadly sins (though don't we all?