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tr.v. un·sold (-sōld′), un·sell·ing, un·sells
To persuade not to believe in the advisability, worth, or truth of something.


vb (tr)
to speak unfavourably and off-puttingly of (something or someone)



v.t. -sold, -sell•ing.
to dissuade from a belief in the desirability, value, wisdom, or truth of something.
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When asked how NCLC planned to tackle these challenges, Tom Unsell, NCLC vice president, said, "NCLC opted to increase the film thickening from the specified 80 mil to 160 mils in lieu of concrete restoration in order to expedite the completion date.
com)-- Join Ceci Barretto and Melissa Unsell as they host a special event featuring American and French wines, along with food from both countries.
BEES: Nanci; Lowden (Ford 58), White, Ford, Pons; Hawkes, Stajka; Tau (Long 40), McMillan, Darkintis (Padian 80), Quarrie, Todd (Gregg 66), Connolly, Reeves (Webster 68), Hopley ROSSLYN PARK: Edwards; Unsell, Shabbo (Mantella 66), Lewis, Rudd; Laidlaw, Barr (Baxter 64); Ovens, Gotting, Ward (Huggett 64), Lloyd-Jones, Anderson, Trayfoot (Campbell 50), Barrett (Huggett 35-45), Lock.
With a catch and drive opportunity, Bees' maul stalled only for Matt Reeves to break off and steamroller Paul Unsell to score.
Most people don't have the foggiest idea about how our business works, and most [honest] loan officers will say, 'My first job is to unsell the customer from the stupid idea someone else just sold them,'" he says.