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Adv.1.unsentimentally - in an unsentimental manner; "unsentimentally, she threw out her dead son's toys"
sentimentally - in a sentimental manner; "`I miss the good old days,' she added sentimentally"
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"Oh, you won't lose me," said Miss Cornelia unsentimentally. "You don't suppose I would live over harbor with all those MacAllisters and Elliotts and Crawfords, do you?
"Well, we're off," remarked Gilbert unsentimentally.
The building narrates its complicated history frankly and unsentimentally. New electrical conduits, plugs and switches are face-fixed to brickwork.
Unsentimentally, If the votes for capital expenditures were captured in the 2018 budget, which was signed into law barely two weeks ago by the Presidency, is more time not required for funds to be released to MDAs?
It is not a coincidence that the man brought in to replace Bajwa was Nauman Ansari, the man who was responsible for unsentimentally removing an estimated Rs1.5 billion a year in excess operating costs from Faysal Bank's income statement.
It was probably the first film to portray working-class life unsentimentally. Its opening is still arresting.
Yet the bubble boy turns out, unsentimentally, to be a minor monster of belligerence, with a distinctly grown man's grouchy voice, who maybe doesn't even feel as sorry for himself as others do.
Her lost-love songs, like House of Cards, and Do You Think About Me, have an escalating desperation; even a song with a happy ending, the soul-style Before You Called Me Baby, opens and closes in a minor key and dwells on how the singer used to be"messed up, wandering, broke down, stumbling, running for my life." And Smith shows an unsentimentally observant eye in Scenes From a Corner Booth at Closing Time on a Tuesday.
Although she was illiterate until her late teens, Reyes's simple prose unsentimentally and intuitively captures the poverty and trauma of her early life.
On War is simply a text, and should be read unsentimentally in its own context, retaining what works, if necessary by adaptation or analogy to new situations, but distinguishing what does not.
Keates had done enough to be rewarded with a three-and-a-half year contract, but another squad cull was needed in the summer, with the manager unsentimentally offloading 12 senior players as he oversaw a major revamp of the Dragons.
He gives the piece a contemporary setting where the action plays out unsentimentally and cruelly--the ballets no longer serve as divertissements, but are replaced by realistic scenes that reinforce the brutality this production is based in.