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tr.v. un·set·tled, un·set·tling, un·set·tles
1. To change from a settled condition; disrupt: Strikes unsettled the economy.
2. To make uneasy; disturb: We were unsettled by the gruesome news.

un·set′tle·ment n.
un·set′tling·ly adv.
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But in the rapid motion and confusion, and in the unsettlement of my own thoughts, I lost it again; and only knew that the time was come when all visitors were being warned to leave the ship; that my nurse was crying on a chest beside me; and that Mrs.
Diamond mining uses a variety of mining methods, some of which include the evacuation of large amounts of soil from the earth, causing land unsettlement. The mining activities also lead to the removal of other minerals and huge carbon footprints.
Discussing how representations of suffering can trigger critical reflection on our own relationship to this suffering, Emy Koopman builds on Dominick LaCapra's concept of "empathic unsettlement" to contend that literary fiction that balances an "engaging narrative which allows readers to understand the represented other, and disrupting techniques which make clear that understanding the other can never be complete" can produce an affective identification that avoids appropriation (2010, 237).
The lack of closure brings feelings of unsettlement that can remain for many years.
Kuwait's Permanent Representative at the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi said, in a speech titled "Mercenary activities as a source of unsettlement in Africa" before the UN Security Council, that this case is "complicated" due to it is connected to several relevant issues that are scheduled on the Council's agenda.
Instead of understanding cruelty as part of the plot of the stories, Perez focuses on the way in which the literary form produces moments of unsettlement among the readers.
For example, after the advent of Afghan war, a large number of people were displaced and such human unsettlement is still going on which provides chances of terror financing through unconventional means such as transfer of money from one person to another through human channels without involving any financial institution in it.
Cecchinato eventually wilted with a netted backhand in game seven to fall behind 4-3 and Djokovic's early unsettlement began to ease as he served out the first set after a 45-minute battle.
It does not offer a sentimental memory of loss but a sense of 'unsettlement' that asks people to take on the responsibility of paying attention.
Spratford thus remarks that the ambiance of such unsettlement "gives a voice to our fears, delivering the dark emotions of panic, chaos, destruction, aversion, and disgust," which paradoxically fabricates nauseating but "uncompromisingly intriguing" impacts at the same time (Spratford 2012, 18).