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tr.v. un·set·tled, un·set·tling, un·set·tles
1. To change from a settled condition; disrupt: Strikes unsettled the economy.
2. To make uneasy; disturb: We were unsettled by the gruesome news.

un·set′tle·ment n.
un·set′tling·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
But in the rapid motion and confusion, and in the unsettlement of my own thoughts, I lost it again; and only knew that the time was come when all visitors were being warned to leave the ship; that my nurse was crying on a chest beside me; and that Mrs.
amp;R) embodies one artist's response as witness, critic, and agent of empathic unsettlement.
Scenes of rapid sex and drug-taking (like the one quoted above) recur, transmitting a sense of motion and affective unsettlement to the reader.
Sorry-in-the-Sky: Empathetic Unsettlement, Mourning, and the Stolen Generation".
I don't know if there was discontent, there might have been some unsettlement with Gareth Barry but I couldn't see it being any other way than being a time to try and get some players into the football club which is always what we intended to do.
Although Japan was not completely insulated from the global unsettlement, Hiroshi Nakaso, director general at the BOJ's Financial Market Department, said, adding, ''The Tokyo foreign exchange market has remained generally resilient since the outburst of the turmoil last summer.
Stef Craps's essay "Linking Legacies of Loss: Traumatic Histories and Cross-Cultural Empathy in Caryl Phillips's Higher Ground and The Nature of Blood" builds upon Dominick LaCapra's concept of "empathic unsettlement," which describes a listener's appropriate response--open and accepting but respectfully acknowledging unbridgeable distances--proffered to the trauma narrative.
There has been a lot of unsettlement over the last year or so but hopefully that is now at an end and we can sort this out.
Because judicial unsettlements themselves can become objects for unsettlement, constitutional law has, and ought to have, an ephemeral quality that frustrates attempts to settle constitutional questions for all time.
There were never any indications of any unsettlement in the home.
Despite recent unsettlement in share prices, in particular with regard to e-commerce and technology stocks, overall companies considering a listing should remember that the OFEX market remains receptive to sound businesses.