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tr.v. un·set·tled, un·set·tling, un·set·tles
1. To change from a settled condition; disrupt: Strikes unsettled the economy.
2. To make uneasy; disturb: We were unsettled by the gruesome news.

un·set′tle·ment n.
un·set′tling·ly adv.
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But in the rapid motion and confusion, and in the unsettlement of my own thoughts, I lost it again; and only knew that the time was come when all visitors were being warned to leave the ship; that my nurse was crying on a chest beside me; and that Mrs.
As Homi Bhabha wrote, "the unhomely moment relates the traumatic ambivalences of a personal, psychic history to the wider disjunctions of political existence." Unhomed from their native tongues, these stories now speak, across borders, of abiding unsettlements.
Creatureliness in the Anthropocene, then, needs to factor in geological and biological unsettlements that Santner's problematic humanism underestimates.
A concept that can take account of both micro and macro phenomena as well as formal and informal arrangements and sets of relationships, the books reviewed here show that the analysis of care is as profoundly revealing of fundamental "unsettlements" in US society as it has proved to be elsewhere.
An image from Mohawk and European artist Hannah Claus's installation unsettlements is also featured on our cover.
Her work is called "unsettlements" and represents a connection to a historical past that is filled with memories yet to be discovered.
In this context, he explains how he wants the call to indigenize to be heard: "as a strategically indeterminate provocation to thought and action on the grounds that there is no hors-indigene, no geo-political and psychic setting, no real or imagined terra nullis free from the satisfactions and unsettlements of Indigenous pre-occupation" (309).
Because judicial unsettlements themselves can become objects for unsettlement, constitutional law has, and ought to have, an ephemeral quality that frustrates attempts to settle constitutional questions for all time.
That keeps covenant with old unsettlements. Casts off insulated bliss.