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tr.v. un·shack·led, un·shack·ling, un·shack·les
1. To remove the shackles from.
2. To free; liberate: unshackled him from conventional thinking.
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Adj.1.unshackled - not bound by shackles and chainsunshackled - not bound by shackles and chains  
unbound - not restrained or tied down by bonds
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It had given him a disgust to his business, and to his residence in a small market town; and, in quitting them both, he had removed with his family to a house about a mile from Meryton, denominated from that period Lucas Lodge, where he could think with pleasure of his own importance, and, unshackled by business, occupy himself solely in being civil to all the world.
A short time, however, spent in revelry, would be sufficient to drain his purse and sate him with civilized life, and he would return with new relish to the unshackled freedom of the forest.
The spirit of insubordination, which emanated from the unfortunate Asa, had spread among his juniors; and the squatter had been made painfully to remember the time when, in the wantonness of his youth and vigour, he had, reversing the order of the brutes, cast off his own aged and failing parents, to enter into the world unshackled and free.
No, it was not regret which made Anne's heart beat in spite of herself, and brought the colour into her cheeks when she thought of Captain Wentworth unshackled and free.
Well, leave thy elephants unshackled tonight and see what comes.
A sleek young gentleman from Delhi, armed with a bunch of keys which the Flower had unshackled from the senseless one's belt, went through every single box, bundle, mat, and saddle-bag in Mahbub's possession even more systematically than the Flower and the pundit were searching the owner.
VOTERS' terror of a Tory landslide, and what unshackled and unchecked Conservatives would unleash, is Theresa May's gravest fear.
Britain's got a great future unshackled from the dead corpse that is the EU and our best days are still ahead of us.
place my ear to their soft vespers, crackling with unshackled surge.
For a good trade deal with the EU, the opportunity of unshackled global trading and so a brighter future for our children and grandchildren we must leave the EU.
However, as highlighted, a new Combined Authority may find a way through this bypass saga, or a unshackled Elected Mayor may see this road block freed up?
In one stroke, he has unshackled the railways from mindless populism preferred by each one of his predecessors who chose to milk the behemoth for political gains in completely disregarding the health of the organisation.