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"Our policies must, therefore, focus on enabling MSMEs to grow by unshackling them," she said.
Unshackling America: How the War of 1812 Truly Ended the American Revolution.
Jews are unshackling themselves in "the Golden Medina" from Old World practices, illiteracy, and pogroms.
The arrival of Kevin Martin as manager - an All-Ireland winner in '98, in fact (below), and in '94 - has brought what King describes as an "unshackling", a focus on hurling in a more positive, attacking fashion and with an emphasis on playing away with more freedom.
"My government took an important step towards unshackling the IIMs, freeing them from the clutches of restrictions and regulations set by the government.
The five selections that make up the main body of the text are devoted to the accounting logic in EuropeAEs agenda for migration, the plight of afro-descendent women in political spaces, gender research as a cultural encounter in accounting, unshackling accounting in prisons, and a critical race theory discussion of neutrality and colorblindness in accounting.
"I called for our next president, Donald Trump, to call for the unshackling of the political bands tying us to the U.N.," said Palin.
The minister has shown the right intent by unshackling the railways from mindless populism pursued so far
LUTHER unshackling itself from substandard previous series and horror-movie pretence to re-emerge as a cracking cop show.
* MARGARET Thatcher's "Big Bang" unshackling of the UK's financial sector was hailed in many quarters as the way forward to a solid economy - but not all, it appears.
.What we are seeing in North Africa and the Middle East are people unshackling themselves from the puppet regimes created and supported by other imperial powers.