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not shaped or definitely formed.
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Adj.1.unshaped - incompletely or imperfectly shapedunshaped - incompletely or imperfectly shaped; "unshaped dough"; "unshaped timbers"
unformed - not having form or shape; "unformed clay"
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Having no distinct shape:
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The influence of his mind was like light gleaming through an unshaped world.
But, in the stillness of the third hour of the morning, Lucie came downstairs again, and stole into his room; not free from unshaped fears, beforehand.
It was strangely indistinct, however, and less like articulate words than an unshaped sound, such as would be the utterance of feeling and sympathy, rather than of the intellect.
It must be confessed that a family likeness pervaded these respectable progeny of Drowne's skill; that the benign countenance of the king resembled those of his subjects, and that Miss Peggy Hobart, the merchant's daughter, bore a remarkable similitude to Britannia, Victory, and other ladies of the allegoric sisterhood; and, finally, that they all had a kind of wooden aspect which proved an intimate relationship with the unshaped blocks of timber in the carver's workshop.
Growing demand from end-use industries for refractory products with reduced down time are compelling refractory manufacturers, end users and researchers to substitute conventional shaped refractories with unshaped monolithics.
By form, the market has been segregated into shaped and unshaped. The unshaped segment held a market share of 61% in 2018 as it offers several advantages over shaped refractories such as higher strength, higher volume stability, and better spalling tendency.
Rats' diarrhea gradually relieved the third day after gavage, and the fecal traits changed from unshaped to half-shaped and shaped finally.
There are two ways to compete with an unshaped social system in Pakistan.
While El largo atardecer depicts the space through which Cabeza de Vaca moves as a spiritual antidote to capitalist alienation, it also fictionalizes it as a separate, stateless realm, unshaped by human labor and governed by fantastical forces.
The descriptor 'Wanderings' in Ward's title fits with this incidental and unshaped structure.
I wanted to conserve as much of the fabric as I could, so I designed the shirt to use only unshaped lengths of fabric, aside from a bit of neck shaping.
The rebirth takes place in an aquatic milieu, which allows for the slow, gradual transformation of the young men's bones into soft, unshaped matter out of which frog legs emerge, which will eventually transform into human legs and arms.