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Rochester's displeasure by disobeying his orders, when the light once more gleamed dimly on the gallery wall, and I heard his unshod feet tread the matting.
where be all those unshod Carmelites, for whom old Front-de-B
They were the tracks of unshod ponies, three of them, and the ponies had been galloping.
At last he heard a sudden rush of unshod soles across the empty blackness, and at a little distance a scuffling sound, heavy breathing, and once what he thought the muttered imprecation of a man battling against great odds.
For though, ever careless of herself, she will wander the house unshod, and tell us not to talk havers when we chide her, the sight of one of us similarly negligent rouses her anxiety at once.
Yes," replied the ape-man, "but not the sort of natives which we would expect to find here in this part of Africa where others all go unshod with the exception of a few of Usanga's renegade German native troops who wear German army shoes.
As she worked she failed to hear the scraping of naked bodies clambering over the ship's side, or the padding of unshod feet upon the deck above her.
Her unshod horse made no sound on the soft, sandy footing, and a little further on she heard voices proceeding from out of the grass.
At first considering the abundance of the guanacos, I was surprise at this; but it is explained by the stony nature of the plains which would soon disable an unshod horse from taking par in the chase.
That time is needed to cool the meadow, for these unshod Teton beasts are as tender on the hoof as a barefooted girl.
He was sentenced on the basis that he had not started the violence, but had, on the evidence of a witness, "kicked him, unshod, during the attack".
Contrast that with the description of her appearance prior to leaving Care Dallben as having "skinned knees, torn robe, and unshod feet" (10), and the superficiality of Taran's "love" for Eilonwy becomes more apparent.