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Adj.1.unshuttered - not provided with shutters or having the shuttered openunshuttered - not provided with shutters or having the shuttered open; "unshuttered windows"
shuttered - provided with shutters or shutters as specified; often used in combination; "a church with a shuttered belfry and spire"; "green-shuttered cottages"
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Of these the hardiest, and in a general way the youngest, threw stones against the front of the building, the only part accessible, but carefully missed the unshuttered windows.
The bow colloid is unshuttered and Captain Purnall, one hand on the wheel, is feeling for a fair slant.
My analysis begins by addressing one of these episodes, "The Fashionable Friend," in which the Inquisitor passes by a house, looks through its unshuttered windows, and witnesses a woman writing.
At that time, one could leave his house with the door unlocked and the windows unshuttered and thereafter return with nary a thing lost and nary a room in disarray.
Only after much vacillation, "was his mind at peace, and he unbarred the heavy door, unshuttered the window, and feasted his eyes on the pleasant afternoon light filtering through the trees, composing himself after the struggle that had divided his soul against itself in pursuit of justice" (14).
I saw all the way into the pearl/ of running surf inside the moth's unshuttered eye, and the bloom in there/became clear a little piece of peel at a time.//Saw the loomed pieces stacked layers new petals lapped over a face within/the increased undergrowth, steadily withheld, unknown till then.
but light still unshuttered, light without shadow blades
Her unshuttered lens helped millions of Americans to "see" history, both then and today.
The roof was open to all weathers, the classrooms had no desks, weeds grew up through the floor, the wind gusted in through unshuttered windows, and the pupils sat in the dust.