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Adj.1.unsmoothed - not having been made smooth by having hands run over the surface
wrinkled, wrinkly - marked by wrinkles; "tired travelers in wrinkled clothes"
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Model group: After 3 days from the start of the modeling, some rats began to suffer from mental retardation, wilting, reduced movement and capacity for eating, arched backs, unsmoothed fur and less luster, diarrhea, loose stools, and loose stools near the anus.
Permutation-based nonparametric inference was applied to unsmoothed statistical maps using 10,000 permutations and the cluster-like structures were enhanced using the threshold-free cluster enhancement (TFCE) algorithm at P level <0.05 (family-wise error (FWE) correction).
2017 did not experience an event > 5[degrees]C in the north, but in pentad 66, near the end of 2016, both polar caps exceeded 5[degrees]C (unsmoothed).
The left part of (33) is a (unsmoothed) conditional cumulative distribution function (CCDF),
Simultaneously, the proposed method solves the problem of the insufficient acceleration of the OV and GF models and the unsmoothed acceleration fitting of the FVD model.
Using The Decoding Toolbox scripts [50], we performed whole-brain searchlight decoding to assess the degree of outcome adaptation in local fMRI patterns surrounding each voxel (radius 8 mm) for each participant using the unsmoothed, realigned, and normalized imaging data.
In order to eliminate voxels of grey matter and cerebrospinal fluid, a group-averaged map was created from normalized but unsmoothed FA maps of each subject and then binarized using a cutoff value of 0.2.
The kinematics werefirst computed from unsmoothed coordinates until three frames before ball impact, by which appropriate second derivatives were obtained without any influence of ball impact using central differentiation.
Luquan, Suyan et al., "Tribological study on bionically unsmoothed surface modeling piston-cylinder friction pair," Journal of Jilin University (Engineering and Technology Edition), vol.
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Unsmoothed segmented tissue images, along with functional ROIs constructed from regions of overlap between the CR and ER group x time interactions, were uploaded into the toolbox.