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Adj.1.unsoluble - not easily solvedunsoluble - not easily solved; "an apparantly insolvable problem"; "public finance...had long presented problems unsolvable or at least unsolved"- C.L.Jones
insoluble - admitting of no solution or explanation; "an insoluble doubt"
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Keratin filament structures are stabilized by their high degree of cross-linking of disulfide bonds, hydrophobic interactions, and hydrogen (Brandelli, 2008; Xu et al, 2009), which make them unsoluble and resistant to most of the known proteases like trypsin, pepsin, papain and results in polluting the environment (Brandelli, 2008; Xu et al, 2009; Kansoh et al., 2009; Duarte et al., 2011; Sivakumar et al., 2012).
Additional quantity of mangiferin (1) was obtained as an unsoluble fraction when methanol was added to the dried stem ethanol extract.
Annealing the PPV precursors, making them unsoluble in common organic solvents, allowed for the deposition of a second active layer using spin-coating.
It should be noticed that the unsoluble aggregates formed could not reverse into soluble forms after dilution or heating.
Unsoluble material was removed by centrifugation at 12,000 x g for 20 min at 4[degrees]C and aliquots were used for protein determination according to Bradford (1976).