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Adj.1.unspecialised - not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or functionunspecialised - not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function
general - applying to all or most members of a category or group; "the general public"; "general assistance"; "a general rule"; "in general terms"; "comprehensible to the general reader"
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Stem cell treatments involve using unspecialised cells (stem cells) to replace other cells in the body that have been lost through injury or disease.
He said most of them died because they sought treatment at small, unspecialised private clinics without proper medical equipment instead of admitting themselves to state-run hospitals or health centres.
In order for the new health scheme (Gesy) to start functioning in Cyprus the government is trying to fill the places designated for specialised GPs by offering unspecialised doctors -- without any residency -- 200 hours (ca.
In those early studies, researchers genetically modified mature cells by introducing external factors that reset the genomic programmes of the cells, essentially turning back the clock and returning them to an undifferentiated or unspecialised state.
Stem cells, or unspecialised cells that can produce tissue, are currently used to help patients with damage to their bodies, reports the Dailystar.
Another impediment was the high staff turnover, resulting in poorly trained and unspecialised nurses.
Unspecialised reporters, she added, are no longer required as each branch of science has its tools and methods of reporting.
He noted that lakes in Egypt do not include dry docks or workshops dedicated to that type of inspection, adding that there is no safe means to lift the boat in unspecialised workshops.Nevertheless, the Ministry of Transport, represented by the River Transport Authority, clung to its decision to lift hotel boats onto dry docks for inspection.
In fact, about transmission of the archaeological heritage displayed in private spaces in provincial capitals to the unspecialised general public, we have documented that in 75% of cases they have no type of information accompanying the exhibition and only 25% have informative posters.
Then applicants sometimes get shocked with the fact that their applications are rejected, or find out later that these companies are unspecialised in this business."
The new research shows that unspecialised cells in the heart can be transformed into natural pacemakers with the addition of a gene called TBX18.