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In general, conventional chaotic systems have unstable equilibria and we are able to verify chaos in such systems with the Shilnikov criterion [25, 26].
A self-excited attractor has a basin of attraction that is excited from unstable equilibria. In contrast, hidden attractor cannot be found by using a numerical method in which a trajectory started from a point on the unstable manifold in the neighbourhood of an unstable equilibrium [23].
The green curves represent the smaller unstable equilibria. The stability of the larger equilibria changes from stable (blue curves) to unstable (black curves) as [delta] passes through [delta]h ([[delta].sub.h] = 0.009724).
Secondly, given that the introduction of expectation functions allowed Lange to provide an ad hoc justification for both stable and unstable equilibria, in his framework it is always possible to reconcile economic phenomena with the theory; the latter thus becomes tautological.
The numerically computed interface shapes, corresponding to both the stable and the unstable equilibria in Figure 4, are illustrated in Figure 5.