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Adj.1.unstaged - not performed on the stage
staged - written for or performed on the stage; "a staged version of the novel"
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Aptly enough, the 12 new works in this festival of 'unpublished, unstaged' plays have accidentally coalesced into an examination of society's crux-the family as beginning and end, cause and effect, of every human connection.
Local and distant recurrence rates significantly increased in unstaged patients, and overall survival was approximately 60% in stage I patients who were only observed postoperatively (7).
An Alicia Keys show we did with American Express led to a series called Unstaged. For Unstaged, Amex takes an iconic venue and brings in a big artist who's about to release a record.
"If you virtually stage, always post the unstaged photo immediately after the staged photo.
"Kate has a great ability to frame and capture unstaged moments.
Gorry believes that Handel used "accompanied recitative to characterise the Judaeo-Christian God and His presence, while at the same time adding further definition to characters who appear within an unstaged drama" (p.
The sex and violence on screen would be unstaged, nothing would be planned and anything would be possible.
Staged homes sell for more than unstaged homes and sell quicker, the research shows," he said.
(1) This letter, which coincides with the writing of Remorse's first unstaged iteration (Osorio), touches on themes vital to this article's claims about Coleridge's staging of Remorse (Drury Lane, 1813) and how it bears on his attitudes toward the dramatic form as a vehicle for public education.
"A professional stager can hand-over-fist get sellers more money than they could get for an unstaged home," says Stacy Berman, the seasoned real estate agent who represented the couple.