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Adj.1.unstilted - flowing naturally and continuouslyunstilted - flowing naturally and continuously; "unstilted conversation"
unaffected - free of artificiality; sincere and genuine; "an unaffected grace"
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Argento states in the "Composer's Note" that he has taken the stand that Laura was a real person (a point on which scholars have always disagreed) based on the "unstilted and passionate" nature of the poet's original language (Argento made his own English translations) and on a quotation from a letter to a friend in which Petrarch denies that Laura is a poetic device by saying, "I wish that she indeed had been a fiction and not a madness." Argento goes on to say, "The music I have written for these sonnets is a product of that view."
Rare indeed are novels with such unstilted, conversationally real dialogue, and authentic patois as this one.
The transition to a modern vocabulary was extremely difficult among the first generation of Hebrew-speaking children, especially those who attempted to adopt a natural, unstilted Hebrew to mirror their world.