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Adj.1.unstimulating - not stimulatingunstimulating - not stimulating      
unexciting - not exciting; "an unexciting novel"; "lived an unexciting life"
uninteresting - arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement; "a very uninteresting account of her trip"
unmoving - not arousing emotions
stimulating - rousing or quickening activity or the senses; "a stimulating discussion"
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He was a brilliant conversationalist, as was to be expected from a successful diplomatist, even under unstimulating conditions.
Steve Easterbrook once launched an unsuccessful campaign to have the term McJob - defined as an "unstimulating low-paid job" - removed from the Oxford English Dictionary.
Similarly, the open office can add a social dimension to what at times can be a dull or unstimulating job, Garfinkel says.
These include low birth weight (Mallik & Spiker, 2004); poorly educated or unemployed parents (Coley & Lombardi, 2012; Gray & Baxter, 2012; KaIii, 2009; Sameroff, 1998); family poverty (Pordes Bowers, Strelitz, Allen & Donkin, 2012); housing instability (Lewis, 2006; Taylor & Edwards, 2012); overcrowding (Blake, Kellerson & Simic, 2007); unresponsive or insensitive parenting (Linver, Brooks-Gunn & Kohen, 2002; Pettit, Bates & Dodge, 1997; Sameroff, 1998; Smart, Sanson, Baxter, Edwards & Hayes, 2008); unstimulating or impoverished surroundings (Sameroff, 1998); and exposure to conflict or abuse (Koenen, Moffitt, Caspi, Taylor & Purcell, 2003; Lupien, McEwen, Gunnar & Heim, 2009).
With all that, Lewis considered that his life in this period was unromantic and unstimulating, and his travels abroad--an uninspired recreation, a flight from reality.
Educators from the US and Canada discuss the failure of No Child Left Behind, assessment and quality, the role of groupthink in testing practices, how testing disrupts learning, effects on school leaders and teacher preparation, how education policies are connected to the privatization of goods and services, how testing creates unstimulating learning cultures, testing and African American students, the role of assessment in empowering students, the standardization of writing instruction, how grading affects the self, and classroom experiences in de-grading.
Among the causes one finds at the level of Managing Authorities, there are: the staff fluctuation, unstimulating payment, inefficient technical assistance, ambiguous provisions in some guides, standards, methodologies, lack of correlation and coordination of operational programmes, excessive bureaucracy, insufficient monitorization of objectives' sustainability, inadequate performance of financial monitoring system ex-ante and expost.
However, over time the person may find work too monotonous and unstimulating, prompting them to consider alternatives.
It is dry and unstimulating, it is exhausting for both the students and their parents--at least those who take an interest in their kids' education--and it is useless in real life.
Various studies have identified the importance of maternal physical and mental health, education and wealth, illness control, poor child care, and unstimulating home environments as determinants of child stunting.
Animals can adapt to a new environment, but, when horses are kept alone on a flat, unstimulating square with nothing to do, some adaptative responses might include apathy and unresponsiveness, hyperresponsiveness, and stereotypic behaviour [6].
Studies with rats and with starlings have documented pessimistic response biases when the subjects are subjected to days of unstimulating confinement, and more optimistic biases by conspecifics kept in enriched environments (Harding et al.