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Past tense and past participle of unstring.
1. Having a string or strings loosened or removed.
2. Informal Emotionally upset.


1. emotionally distressed; unnerved
2. (Music, other) (of a stringed instrument) with the strings detached



1. pt. and pp. of unstring.
2. weakened or nervously upset, as a person or a person's nerves; unnerved.
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Adj.1.unstrung - emotionally upsetunstrung - emotionally upset; "the incident left him unstrung and incapable of rational effort"
discomposed - having your composure disturbed; "looked about with a wandering and discomposed air"


pret, ptp of unstring
persondemoralisiert, entnervt; nerveszerrüttet
References in classic literature ?
Clayton, my boy, I know you are tired out and unstrung, but that's no reason why you should make an ass of yourself.
These were followed by sevenscore archers clad in their bravest Lincoln green, and with their new bows unstrung in token of peace.
goin' to get married and the rest-- thought you might be unstrung, eh, a trifle?
And now, with my nerves already excited and half unstrung, I could not hear those words so sweetly warbled forth without some symptoms of emotion I was not able to suppress.
I thought that my nerves were unstrung, and that my imagination was tricking me, and turned resolutely towards the sound of the sea again.
All that I felt was that I had a right to go in person and beg the Baron's and the Baroness's pardon--the more so since, of late, I had been feeling unwell and unstrung, and had been in a fanciful condition.
Had the pirates kept together it is certain that they would have won; but the onset came when they were still unstrung, and they ran hither and thither, striking wildly, each thinking himself the last survivor of the crew.
She was strangely unstrung and shortly thereafter returned to her own quarter of the palace, where she stood for a long time by a window looking out beyond the scarlet tower of Greater Helium toward the northwest.
But not alone at this did they laugh, for at the moment of the snap and the turning over, Captain Duncan's unstrung nerves had exploded, causing him to jump as he tensed his whole body.
So completely were her nerves unstrung, that she started with a cry of alarm on suddenly hearing Frank's voice behind her.
She was really quite unstrung, for the reaction from her fright and cramped clinging was making itself felt.
Bucket to understand, in reply, that her sensitive mind is fully made up never to get the better of it as long as she lives, that her nerves are unstrung for ever, and that she has not the least expectation of ever smiling again.