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Besides, now and then such unaccountable odds and ends of strange nations come up from the unknown nooks and ash-holes of the earth to man these floating outlaws of whalers; and the ships themselves often pick up such queer castaway creatures found tossing about the open sea on planks, bits of wreck, oars, whale-boats, canoes, blown-off Japanese junks, and what not; that Beelzebub himself might climb up the side and step down into the cabin to chat with the captain, and it would not create any unsubduable excitement in the forecastle.
Mask them all, and the mere turn of the head would have shown an unsubduable nature.
Of the latter she writes, "But if the whale is more than blind, indifferent Nature unsubduable by masculine aggression, if it is as much its adjective as its noun, we can consider that possibility that Melville's 'truth' was his recognition of the moment in America when whiteness became ideology.