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Adj.1.unsugared - with no sugar addedunsugared - with no sugar added      
nonsweet, sugarless - not containing sugar
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Research suggests a chemical in the unsugared cocoa suppresses it.
A straightshooter, Smith-Tudor; expected a man to give it to him unsugared and unvarnished, to call a spade a bloody shovel.
These do give a burst of vitamins and mineral but so does a bowl of wholegrain, unsugared cereal eaten at breakfast time - a better option.
For treats, unsugared cereals like puffed wheat, puffed rice, and corn flakes are excellent choices.
It was a feisty dish brimming with vibrant flavours kept in check by dots of sweet beetroot sauce and, below the mound, a rice cake that tasted rather like unsugared Rice Krispies.