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 (ŭn-sho͝or′, -shûr′)
1. Lacking confidence.
2. Uncertain of the facts.
3. Precarious; unstable; unreliable.

un·sure′ly adv.
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archaic uncertainly; without surety or certainty; not securely
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The classical Necessity Modal Operator <<[??]P>> meaning <<It is necessary that P>> is extended to Neutrosophic Necessity Operator: [[??].sub.N]P meaning <<It is (t, i, f)-necessary that P>>, using again the Neutrosophic Probability, where similarly <<(t, i, f)- necessity>> means t % necessary (surety that P occurs), i' % indeterminate (indeterminate-surety that P occurs), and f% unnecessary (unsurely that P occurs).
The narrator becomes a modernist "I" on page 9, picking her "way unsurely through the wreckage of our time," and then a comfortable "we" who pokes fun at the unshapely noses of the long dead.
Asthana's interpretation of Faisal's script dithers unsurely. It is almost as if the film doesn't have the guts to wholly explore realism.