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Not suspicious; trusting.

un′sus·pect′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unsuspectingly - without suspicionsunsuspectingly - without suspicions; "he was sitting unsuspectingly beyond that wall only a few yards from the burglar"
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He rose and placed his candle unsuspectingly on the floor near his loom, swept away the sand without noticing any change, and removed the bricks.
The witticisms with which Jane unsuspectingly enlivened the pages of the Recording Angel were conclusive on this point.
To take an example: a man is standing unsuspectingly in the street and ten others come up armed and beat him; he draws his sword and quits himself like a man, but the number of his antagonists makes it impossible for him to effect his purpose and avenge himself; this man suffers an offence but not an insult.
Though it seemed a bit odd, unsuspectingly she went along with him.
If you lock the ignition, he will come up with a battered old repair car, in blue overalls, hitch a couple of stout towing chains on to your machine in the full light of day, and drive off with it, while benevolent onlookers watch him unsuspectingly.
He says it's possible for a malicious hacker to create a similar network where users unsuspectingly connect to it.
A MAN was shot in the chest with a BB gun as he walked unsuspectingly down a street.
Listeners hungry for information get a filthy mouthful of disinformation, just as the whales and turtles swallow plastic unsuspectingly.
Attack helicopters armed to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry made an early morning swoop on the tribals unsuspectingly sleeping in their tents.
Unsuspectingly with only a few knowing it, the night's proceedings did not escape Gov.
PROTESTERS are in a right flap over a man who unsuspectingly bought two stolen penguins.