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Adj.1.unsynchronised - not occurring together
asynchronous - not synchronous; not occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase
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The supply chain, in effect, becomes unsynchronised.
The rest of the film offers of lazy scene transitions, unsynchronised subtitles and mediocre music and goes on for nearly two-and-a-half hours.
The main reasons for this are uncoordinated and unsynchronised development of generation, transmission and distribution systems.
We've discovered, for the first time, that the condition is caused because two sets of brain signals to open the tube become unsynchronised, and have developed a device to deliver electronic impulses to synchronise them.
What at the moment looks like an unsynchronised move at Opposition unity could turn out to a very coordinated effort to unite several parties opposed to the BJP leadership's style of functioning.
With cloud-based caption synchronisation services, media clips are scanned for unsynchronised captions and sent to an application for automatic synchronisation and format conversion.
The pair became infatuated with each other after meeting in 1934, but did not consummate their love because, Hemingway said, they were "victims of unsynchronised passion" and that each time one of them found themselves out of a relationship, the other was "submerged" with someone else.
The pair became infatuated with each other after meeting in 1934 but did not consummate their love because, according to Hemingway, they were "victims of unsynchronised passion".
In order to confirm cell synchronisation by dexamethasone and exclude the possibility that changing the cell culture growth medium itself following dexamethasone synchronisation had any synchronising effects on cells, unsynchronised BMSCs were used as a negative control and collected temporally having received no stimulation other than the same media changes as the above timecourse experiment.
Most wearing red bands around their heads with writings in the Sanskrit language, the dancing is unsynchronised but passionate.