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And the way the heart muscle squeezes down may become unsynchronized, which can worsen symptoms -- including shortness of breath, fatigue, and swelling of the feet and ankles.
With defibrillation, a large amount of unsynchronized electricity is delivered into the myocardium.
The solution must be turnkey and must enable a CRM system to have a customer-facing component without creating another unsynchronized customer contact channel.
The second variant of the Finitely-Many Users Model is called the Unsynchronized Finitely-Many Users Model.
To provide health insurance coverage for an estimated 10.7 million uninsured US children and adolescents, the SCHIP received Title XXI funding estimated at some $40 billion over 10 years through fiscal year 2007.[3] Progress was slow initially due to traditionally unsynchronized federal and state legislative calendars.
On the field, several young uniformed kids were doing unsynchronized exercises.
However, the project also unearthed an enormous impediment in the form of unsynchronized price/item data.
This, in turn, causes the limbs to unload in an unsynchronized fashion.
Although interactions between the caches, optimistic synchronization, and out-of-order execution complicate the implementation on modern processors, in principle the machine can use the same relaxed ordering constraints for optimistically synchronized updates as it does for unsynchronized updates.
When the external boundaries are too fortified for a company's own good, the following conditions are evident: strategies and plans are developed independently; information sharing and joint problem solving are limited; accounting, measurement, and reward systems are separate and unsynchronized; salespeople push products on their own terms; and resources are used inefficiently.
This process takes several seconds and, in the meantime, the server has probably recovered and is now waiting for the tape drive to be "ready." This stop/go/stop/go "shoe-shining" can go on for hours if the tape drive and the server remain "unsynchronized." This greatly decreases overall performance and a problem every tape drive manufacturer needs to address.