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Adj.1.untalkative - temperamentally disinclined to talkuntalkative - temperamentally disinclined to talk
taciturn - habitually reserved and uncommunicative
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Occasionally, in sheer self defense, she carried on a light monologue, but Martin's lack of interest gave her such an odd, lonely, stage-struck sensation that she, too, became untalkative, keeping to herself the ideas which chased through her ever-active mind.
The comedy centres around the community that frequents Bulent's Cafe, including the highly anxious Michael (Rory Kinnear), the fearsome Bulent (Chris Ryman), the gentle Eggy (Dave Plimmer) the untalkative John the Watch (Andy Linden), and Bulent's sister Sinem (Zahra Ahmadi).
And this is perhaps one of the reasons I was so untalkative, I mean this trouble I had in understanding not only what others said to me, but also what I said to them" (50).
Well, without access to either the singer himself or any of his notoriously untalkative inner circle, the answer to that would seem to be 'very little.'.