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tr.v. un·tan·gled, un·tan·gling, un·tan·gles
1. To free from a tangle; disentangle. See Synonyms at extricate.
2. To straighten out (something puzzling or complicated); clarify or resolve: The accountant was unable to untangle the company's finances.
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Noun1.untangling - the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled conditionuntangling - the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition
freeing, liberation, release - the act of liberating someone or something
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Resident Craig Luttman spotted the rodents' predicament, describing it Thursday as "kind of like a tug of war, going in completely opposite directions." Stastny gave the squirrels a mild painkiller before removing the sticky fur and untangling them.
Besides, when untangling, you need to take things slow.
Most existing mesh untangling methods give high cost to inverted elements and minimize the cost function by solving nonlinear optimization problems [4-6].
Andrew Olendzki; UNTANGLING SELF; Wisdom Publications (Nonfiction: Religion) 17.95 ISBN: 9781614293002
A STUDENT has beaten more than 100 people chasing Britain's "first ever" job dedicated to untangling Christmas lights.
The Glyndwr University student fended off more than 100 applicants by untangling three metres of tricky light wires in under 90 seconds.
For 'Sander's White', this means untangling it from the early Dutch honeysuckle and tying it on to the pergola with soft twine, so we can pass through the arch without getting caught.
I have heard people say that untangling Christmas lights is relaxing for them.
The crown prince posted a video of this dangerous incident on his Instagram account earlier this month, showing him untangling his parachute cords which got tangled due to high winds after he deployed it.
The melt strength of a material is related to the molecular chain entanglements of the polymer and its resistance to untangling under strain.
Nothing ruins a good bowfishing outing like spending your time untangling your line and dealing with a reel that isn't cooporating.