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Adj.1.untaped - not recorded on film or tapeuntaped - not recorded on film or tape  
live, unrecorded - actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing; "a live television program"; "brought to you live from Lincoln Center"; "live entertainment involves performers actually in the physical presence of a live audience"
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(1) Training without additional sensory information (untaped condition, control group)
(2011) Effects of Kinesio Tape Compared With Nonelastic Sports Tape and the Untaped Ankle During a Sudden Inversion Perturbation in Male Athletes.
Some 98 of the runners did not develop blisters on the taped areas, but 81 got blisters in untaped areas.
1385, 1409 (1995) (noting that no reasonable interpretation of the term "writings" could encompass an untaped opera performance).
The Ambassadors and High Commissioners said India's role was crucial in combating major challenges facing the globe such as terrorism and climate change while noting that the country has huge untaped potential in trade and economic spheres.
Syed Basher, senior research fellow, Fikra Research and Policy, Doha, Qatar also feels that there are untaped possibilites for construction companies during an extended drop in oil price: "In a prolonged drop in oil price, Qatar could hire selective skilled engineers or scientists from Saudi Arabia [if the latter stops or slows down expansion].
Volunteers were allocated into taped (intervention n = 35) or untaped (control n = 33) treatment groups [1:1] following a consecutively numeration for each participant, according to the randomization schedule.
Unfortunatelly, this promising geothermal potential remains still untaped (Caralis et al., 2010), the sector being less developed.
Smooth extubation : deep extubation/deep extubation + LMA/extubation with IV lidocaine and endotracheal tube untaped before the patient starts swallowing (untaped tube would allow the tracheal tube to move with larynx during swallowing).
But no respectable interpretation of the word 'Writings' embraces an untaped performance of someone singing at Carnegie Hall."); see also 1 ALEXANDER LINDEY & MICHAEL LANDAU, LINDEY ON ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLISHING AND THE ARTS [section] 1:42.70, at 1-196.18 to .19 (3d ed.
They're every bit as much subjects, content: unweaving the linen, strand by strand, so that what support remains appears frayed, draped, like the worn area of a great pair of jeans; pulling, folding, posing, cutting, jauntily relying on the tension of stretched material to make the canvas into a forehead or--see, I do pay attention--to whip up those hems; italicized brush-work, encaustic-like smoothness, untaped straight lines, flecked splatters.