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1. Not thankful; ungrateful.
2. Not drawing thanks; unwelcome.

un·thank′ful·ly adv.
un·thank′ful·ness adv.


in an unthankful manner; not thankfully; ungratefully
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"It is well--it is well, boy," returned the old man, fumbling at his wallet; "honestly offered, and not unthankfully declined--but it cannot be; no, it can never be."
I locked up the bike just in time to depart the road anyway, into a downward sloping hill, thankfully grassy, unthankfully culminating in a barbwire fence.
Regrettably, some writings in the local newspapers (and some directives in the local media) in the GCC countries have contributed -- unthankfully -- to this unjust conduct, defamed the charity organizations, stirred mist against their activities and agitated authorities against them.