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Adj.1.untheatrical - not suited to or characteristic of the stage or theateruntheatrical - not suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater; "a well-written but untheatrical play"; "an untheatrical personality"
theatrical - suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater; "a theatrical pose"; "one of the most theatrical figures in public life"
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Alongside its central argument about playing, actor-training, and the text, the book also engages with broader debates within the field, challenging two ideas in particular: that textually orientated drama is dry or untheatrical; and that the market and commercial competition shaped the development of theatre.
And if I ever do, they won't win out over my intelligence." On Schubert, she is more revealing--his compositional dynamics, like hers, "range from scream to whisper, not loud to soft." Nobody who dons a cream-colored blouse when she stabs herself, or keeps her bondage gear behind a stack of Vogues, is untheatrical. Scenes of Erika at the piano are filmed full-body or at middle distance, unlike typical portrayals in which close-ups of hands are used to suture in musician body doubles.
The performance is both self-conscious and social, even theatrical, however untheatrical its circumstances, illustrating Marvin Carlson's contention that "The difference between doing and performing ...
Despite their promise, theater-making games struggle to enskill successfully their users in the experience of theater, and I argue that this is because of an incompatibility between the bodily mechanics of theater-making the games represent and their own game-play mechanics, which call for largely untheatrical gestures such as pushing buttons, flipping cards, moving counters, and so forth.
(36) It is important to stress that Alithea is not an untheatrical figure in opposition to the "masked" Lady Fidgets and Horners of her world: there is no meaning in the fallen world that is not theatrical.
It's amazing to be working with them, they are really nice people.'' Emily grew up in the Tile Hill area of Coventry in an "untheatrical family" - her mum Ann works in social services; while her dad Phil is a salesman for a hosepipe firm.
"It had these people wandering around, eating sandwiches and talking like ordinary people in a way that was completely untheatrical.
As a matter of fact, many of his plays were written in the Soviet period, but they were "discovered" by the theatres only in 1990s--before, they were largely regarded as technically unstageable and untheatrical. Koiv's work has been deeply affected by his keen interest in classical Western philosophy, from Kant to Wittgenstein.
Untheatrical and canny, William Hoffman was fully aware that, as Flannery O'Connor wrote, "A story always involves, in a dramatic way, the mystery of personality." As Fred Chappell described Hoffman's tales, "They are lean but strong, moving with quick grace from point to point, and when they conclude, the figure they have shaped is a memorable and pleasing one." For these reasons readers will return to his work for a long time to come, which in the wake of his loss brings some small comfort.
And in a pared-down production that may be a little untheatrical for some tastes, Jones also obliges by illustrating this moment of illumination with a magnificent scenic coup that allows us to share directly in the joy and fulfillment Nevelson derived from her work.
His songs were curiosities, but even they were stunningly untheatrical. Consider the title of a tune he tried to get the young Barbra Streisand interested in: "Love Just Happens." You don't say?