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tr.v. un·thought (-thôt′), un·think·ing, un·thinks
To dismiss from the mind; disregard.
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Adj.1.unthought - so unexpected as to have not been imaginedunthought - so unexpected as to have not been imagined; "an unhoped-for piece of luck"; "an unthought advantage"; "an unthought-of place to find the key"
unexpected - not expected or anticipated; "unexpected guests"; "unexpected news"
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When we arrived at the last Inn we were to stop at, which was but a few miles from the House of Sophia's Relation, unwilling to intrude our Society on him unexpected and unthought of, we wrote a very elegant and well penned Note to him containing an account of our Destitute and melancholy Situation, and of our intention to spend some months with him in Scotland.
To help the weak, to love and forgive their enemies, was something unthought of by these fierce sea-rovers.
Here, every night, the child was too, unseen by them, unthought of, unregarded; but feeling as if they were her friends, as if they had confidences and trusts together, as if her load were lightened and less hard to bear; as if they mingled their sorrows, and found mutual consolation.
Something is wrong somewhere, but what something, what may come of it, to whom, when, and from which unthought of and unheard of quarter is the puzzle of his life.
But the sight of little Flask mounted upon gigantic Daggoo was yet more curious; for sustaining himself with a cool, indifferent, easy, unthought of, barbaric majesty, the noble negro to every roll of the sea harmoniously rolled his fine form.
The president said in his speech that the Baltic Way was the manifestation of the three Baltic nations' will for statehood, an unthought of daring that attracted the attention of the whole world.
'The time will come when our people will realize that impromptu, extemporized, unprepared, unthought out plans of action, that run contrary to the structured way the Constitution designed accountability harms our nation's long term future,' Sereno said.
But what pieces are left unthought? How can I differentiate my voice from the thousands of others, especially when I don't have an original perspective or care about anything?
Her topics are psychic dualities, the receptive unconscious and psychic genera, idiom, the unthought known, self relationships, character and interrelating, evocative objects, unconscious complexity, free association, the Freudian pair, worlds apart, and an integrated theory.
I suggest that there is a distinction to be made between what is unthinkable and what is simply unthought. Since I tease out a difference that Argiro's own analysis allows for, I do not mean to suggest that he is wrong in using "unthinkable" in the way he does.
The mind too has it reserves of untouched, unthought regions, and any writing project involves the shore between the speakable and the wordless, the observed and the unrecognized.
The significance of her project for feminist theory can be approached through the idea of the unthought. The concept of the unthought I am using is a positive one, rather than a reference to the ineffable or unreachable found in the work of numerous contemporary European philosophers.