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v. un·tied, un·ty·ing (ŭn-tī′ĭng), un·ties
1. To undo or loosen (a knot or something knotted).
2. To free from something that binds or restrains: untie a horse from a tree.
3. To straighten out (difficulties, for example); resolve.
To become untied.
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Adj.1.untied - not tieduntied - not tied        
fastened, tied - fastened with strings or cords; "a neatly tied bundle"
2.untied - with laces not tieduntied - with laces not tied; "teenagers slopping around in unlaced sneakers"
3.untied - not bound by shackles and chainsuntied - not bound by shackles and chains  
unbound - not restrained or tied down by bonds
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The women on the corn-rick--Marian, who was one of them, in particular--could stop to drink ale or cold tea from the flagon now and then, or to exchange a few gossiping remarks while they wiped their faces or cleared the fragments of straw and husk from their clothing; but for Tess there was no respite; for, as the drum never stopped, the man who fed it could not stop, and she, who had to supply the man with untied sheaves, could not stop either, unless Marian changed places with her, which she sometimes did for half an hour in spite of Groby's objections that she was too slow-handed for a feeder.
I have untied against you the club-footed vines, I have sent in the Jungle to swamp out your lines.
One of the prisoners, Grigoryev, went mad as soon as he was untied, and never regained his sanity.
The Hazel-nut child fastened the diamond firmly under the stork's neck with a ribbon, and when he saw that the other storks were getting ready for their northern flight, he untied the silk cord from his stork's wings, and away they went, getting nearer home every minute.
The old fellow, curious to know the true story of the Marionette's life, immediately untied the rope which held his foot.
A lashed boat, a spare spar, a cask or what not secured about the decks, is "cast adrift" when it is untied. Also the ship herself is "cast to port or starboard" when getting under way.
The stick untied from Jerry's neck told the tale of her perfidy and incensed Lamai, who sprang between and deflected the blow with a stone poi-pounder that might have brained Jerry.
But when she untied Jerry, he stopped to thank her, wagging his tail and smiling up at her with his hazel-brown eyes.
"Perhaps," said Dorothy, "if you untied him, he would go."
He untied the skiff at the stern, slipped into it, and was soon rowing cautiously up- stream.
He untied the handkerchief, separated her hair with his fingers, and stood looking down at the green insect.
As he walked swiftly along behind his grandfather, he untied the string with which the four legs of the lamb were fastened together.