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Adj.1.untoasted - not having been browned by exposure to heatuntoasted - not having been browned by exposure to heat
raw - not treated with heat to prepare it for eating
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Mr Venus dives, and produces another muffin, yet untoasted; taking the arrow out of the breast of Cock Robin, he proceeds to toast it on the end of that cruel instrument.
"They also o er a great sandwich alternative, whether toasted or untoasted, and can be enjoyed with a variety of fillings.
Tweets ceased and cameras flashed, capturing a rare moment of peace over a simple meal of untoasted bagels, cold fruit chunks, carafes of coffee, and quiche.
Moreover, defatted untoasted soy grits is also widely used in soya nuggets.
Not that trainer Gordon Elliott should go untoasted. Twelve years on from sending out - at the age of 29 and without a winner in his native country - a National victor in Silver Birch, he is now a truly dominant force in British and Irish racing.
Brush with beaten egg, scatter with some untoasted almonds and bake for about 10 mins at 180C or until risen and golden.
Untoasted Austrian oak barrels are the seasoning component of the CHARDONNAY 2014 (list price PS23.99).
The new XtraPure and XtraVan oak chips by Xtrachene are described by the French supplier as a "winemaker's best ally to protect must and wine from destructive oxidation." The French oak chips offer a high level of anti-oxidant capacity and receive a gentle heat treatment that makes them similar to untoasted oak.
Meanwhile toast the bread on one side only then spread the laverbread over the untoasted side before spreading the cheese mixture.
Spicy, grassy hops, black pepper, untoasted corn bread, buttermilk biscuits.
Ingredients: 2 slices rye bread (toasted or untoasted) 3 slices of good ham (or more) 1 handful of fresh purslane stems Mustard and horseradish to taste Add ham and purslane stems to one slice of bread.
BREVILLE PERFECT FOR WARBURTONS TOASTER, PS34.99 FOR THE TWO-SLICE PS54.99 FOR THE FOUR-SLICE If you hate your toast being spoiled by that untoasted, bready bit at the top, or like to toast long pitta, rejoice for the new Breville Perfect For Warburtons Toaster (measured against the UK's favourite toasting loaf).