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Adj.1.untoothed - having no notches
smooth - of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth
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Diagnosis: R5 longer than it and joining C beyond its apex; tarsal claws variable, untoothed or toothed on forelegs, curved on basal third or beyond the midlength, empodia shorter than claws; male cerci may be rectangular or triangular, lobed or non lobed; female ovipositor short or barely protrusible and female cerci separate with two larger setae on apex.
Instrument used for this dissection were toothed & untoothed forceps, scissors, scalpel, chisel, hand saw, hammer, periosteum elevator, long bladed knife, retractor, bone nibbler, bone cutter and electric saw.
The donor DM and endothelium were gently stripped off using 0.12 mm untoothed forceps, which could prevent wrinkling of the donor DM at the interface.
3A) with well-developed blade; untoothed; with one pointed, well-developed, pre-apical tooth.