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1. Improper; unseemly: untoward behavior.
2. Unfavorable or adverse: an untoward incident.

un·to·ward′ly adv.
un·to·ward′ness n.
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The humongous sums carted away daily while the guilty are guiltlessly freed at the altar political party affiliation is the crux of Nigeria's untowardness in this administration.
One has to wonder at the possible untowardness of the caption beneath the shooter on page 47 of the Jan/Feb 2004 issue.
So while the words 'upset' and 'cranky' are categorical attributions that come out of observation of the acts and the comportment of persons or Dreamings to posit untowardness of behaviour, they carry with them that in-built reservation which is: 'Based on the information to hand...' Cranky Dreamings seemingly are so; what is certain is that these are Dreamings whose apparently erratic acts are to be treated as signs of 'that very danger'.