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1. Not traveled on: untraveled back roads.
a. Not having traveled.
b. Provincial; narrow-minded.
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(ʌnˈtræv əld)

1. not having traveled, esp. to distant places.
2. not traveled through or over; not frequented by travelers.
Also, esp. Brit.,un•trav′elled.
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Adj.1.untraveled - not traveled over or throughuntraveled - not traveled over or through; "untraveled roads"
traveled - traveled over or through; sometimes used as a combining term
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It was as wide and straight as a city street, yet it seemed untraveled. No fields bordered it, no dwelling anywhere.
How softly the turf had carpeted the untraveled avenue -- he could no longer feel the roadway beneath his feet!
We went straight to the lake, as it was called at Bly, and I daresay rightly called, though I reflect that it may in fact have been a sheet of water less remarkable than it appeared to my untraveled eyes.
It is the story of a man who sets forth upon a very ordinary journey and who makes as great a tale of it as he had been upon a voyage of discovery in some untraveled land.
We wish to excite the envy of our untraveled friends with our strange foreign fashions which we can't shake off.
Both Nawab and Saman reminisced about their interactions with Annie over the years and the steadfastness with which she had carried out her journalistic pursuits, which often led her down previously untraveled paths.
'On a journey': often used to disguise failure to achieve target; see also 'route map', indicating a road hitherto untraveled and invisible to most.
This disease has recently been found in untraveled dogs in Southern England.
When all team members travel along the same road, based upon the same assumptions, according to the same critical decision-making path, the best road may go untraveled.
The challenges ahead are daunting; the road forward, untraveled, the route uncharted.
Like many immigrants who created their own paths along untraveled roads while settling in their new environments, I was perhaps challenging the deficiency-based mindset with my belief in strengths and sweat equity.