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I went towards them slowly, for my limbs were weak, but with a sense of increasing relief as I drew nearer to them, and a sense of leaving arrogance and untruthfulness further and further behind.
With her, untruthfulness had always been a difficult matter.
"They are speaking of fresh negotiation while they have recently sanctioned our country's chief executive for negotiations Mohammad Javad Zarif," the top lawmaker said, adding, "That is a sign of their hypocrisy and untruthfulness."
'As a member of the Jewish community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently acting ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations in New York, I can personally confirm the untruthfulness of the Croatian President's statements about my country.
'Allowing [Manila Water] to continue charging customers at the new approved rates, over the next five years, is tantamount to rewarding inefficiency, mismanagement, if not untruthfulness to the public,' the petitioners said.
Maryland Rule 4-263(d)(6)(A), governing the State's discovery obligations in a criminal case, provides that, without the necessity of a request, the State's Attorney shall provide to the defense all material or information in any form, whether or not admissible, that tends to impeach a State's witness, including evidence of prior conduct to show the character of the witness for untruthfulness pursuant to Rule 5-608(b).
'Let the defense counsel satisfy the court on this point,' he added seeking arguments from Khawaja Haris to plea Nawaz Sharif innocent when the apex court had defined him as guilty of being dishonest and untruthfulness.
The act of plagiarism is generally not acceptable worldwide; conventionally, untruthfulness of any shape is disregarded by everyone.
District Judge Liam O'Grady said Erik Cherdak's "character for untruthfulness was apparent on the witness stand," and, "There is also no doubt that Cherdak perjured himself in this case," among other barbed comments.
The gleeful spirit is mired by accusations of untruthfulness, of dishonesty, of foul play.
These actions clearly showed the untruthfulness of Bashir Memon and Najaf Mirza as both the officers of FIA were the close relative of GDA candidate in Sindh.
Hence complaints about the press's untruthfulness, bias, and arrogance come with the office, no matter how piously a president may believe in the First Amendment or how assiduously he may court journalists.