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v. un·tucked, un·tuck·ing, un·tucks
To undo a tuck or tucks in; free from a tuck or fold: I untucked my shirt.
To undo a tuck or tucks.
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Adj.1.untucked - lacking tucks or not being tuckeduntucked - lacking tucks or not being tucked; "the sheet came untucked"; "plain untucked shirt front"
tucked - having tucked or being tucked; "tightly tucked blankets"; "a fancy tucked shirt"
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'The old gentleman untucked his arm from his side, and having pointed to one of the oaken presses, immediately replaced it, in its old position.
Vedder RapidTuck IWB (Right-Hand Draw) Materials Cowhide leather or horsehide (tested); kydex; spring steel Carry Type Inside the waistband (IWB) Retention Type Level 1; friction fit Adjustability Yes; cant only MSRP $60, cowhide; $75, natural horsehide (tested) Handgun Fit More than 75 semiautomatics; SIG Sauer P365 (tested) Accessory Rail Accommodation No Positions to Carry IWB; 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock (right hand); appendix; crossdraw Average Time to Attach 35 seconds Comfort Rating 5/5 Concealment Clothing Untucked shirt Average Draw-to-Fire Time 1.41 seconds Manufacturer Vedder Holsters, 352-729-6749, vedderholsters.com Note: Draw-to-fire time is the average of five clean draws from concealment under an untuck
Boris Johnson is a wolf in sheep's clothing - his sheep shirt scruffily untucked from his sheep trousers, to further promote the loveable doofus angle, obviously - but he was quite amusing on Have I Got News For You once, so whatevs.
He donned an untucked short-sleeved checked shirt, a blue sleeveless jacket that matched his trouser and a black pair of shoes, when detectives from the anti-agency whisked him away from his house in Kencom estate on Kiambu Road.
He was wearing a light blue, untucked button-up dress shirt and khaki pants.
OUTtv is the exclusive initial license holder for the Canadian broadcasts of RuPaul's Drag Race and Untucked. OUTtvGo is OUTtv's streaming platform where subscribers can stream their favorite series and movies and discover new content exclusive to the service.
Malkmus wore untucked, button-down shirts and performed with his eyes half-closed.
But the pants are a small break with tradition: Soon, according to the reports, Israeli soldiers will no longer have to tuck their uniform shirts in, as is the standard in most armies around the world, and will wear it untucked instead.
Elite men strutted in joyfully striped pina shirts untucked at the waist above pajama-like trousers loosely cut and sewn straight to the ankle but with elaborately embroidered hems.
However, the airport worker's sudden fame caught attention of his bosses who deducted 10 per cent of his salary for violating the company's code of conduct by walking around the tarmac with his hand in his pocket and his uniform untucked. The company issued a notice stating, "Taking into consideration the influential impact this video has made, the aggravated penalty must be applied."