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v. un·twist·ed, un·twist·ing, un·twists
To loosen or separate (something twisted) by turning in the opposite direction; unwind.
To become untwisted.
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Adj.1.untwisted - not twisted; formerly twisted but now straight
straight - having no deviations; "straight lines"; "straight roads across the desert"; "straight teeth"; "straight shoulders"
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I am a rascal and in my dotage; I am an unhappy wretch grown old; a tent-cord untwisted, a pierced cuirass, a boot without a sole, a spur without a rowel; -- but do me the pleasure to add one thing."
He uttered little crooning noises, alternating with sharp cries akin to pain, half-ecstatic, half-petulant, as he drew a black clay pipe from a hole in his ear-lobe, and into the bowl of it, with trembling fingers, untwisted and crumbled the cheap leaf of spoiled Virginia crop.
Not one, but many echoes had caught up the harsh and tuneless sound, untwisted its complicated threads, and found a thousand aerial harmonies in one stern trumpet tone.
Allah says (what means): "O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and do not invalidate your deeds." [Qur'an 47: 33] He, The Most Exalted, also says (what means): "And do not be like she who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong [by] taking your oaths as [means of] deceit between you because one community is more plentiful [in number or wealth] than another community.
This will not just help you switch around your daily routine, but it also will train the muscle which was left untwisted during your time at the gym.
KARACHI -- Speakers at a session in the ongoing Festival of Arts and Ideas organised by Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) on Thursday said that despite being influenced by highly divisive society of the country, Pakistani media has still managed to play its role in trying to disseminate untwisted information to people.
Speakers, however, said despite being influenced by the highly divisive society of the country, Pakistani media still managed to play its positive role in trying disseminating untwisted information to people.
In the pages of "Untwisted: How to Use the Power of Love to Heal Your Emotional Pain", psychologist Ted Anders (who created the LifeLift Experience seminars to help others let go of painful, self-limiting beliefs and achieve sustainable inner peace and joyful creative freedom) offers a different perspective on the subject and presents a unique step-by-step approach to breaking this cycle for good.
The opening paper reviews in parallel two bosonizations of the CKP hierarchy, one arising from a twisted Heisenberg algebra and the second from an untwisted Heisenberg algebra.
I realized that some people know the smallest details about Palestine and that in the alleys of the camps, the history of our land still lives unchanged, untwisted, and unforgotten.
It is presenting the Chikankari exhibition, which is an intricate embroidery style, traditionally done with exquisite delicacy of details, using white untwisted yarn on white muslin fabric.
We had to perform laparoscopic surgery, during which the cyst was removed from each ovary, and both ovaries were untwisted to their normal position.