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Adj.1.ununderstood - not understoodununderstood - not understood; "should not tamely submit to the unpredictable and ununderstood cycles of wars"- Psychiatry
understood - fully apprehended as to purport or meaning or explanation; "the understood conditions of troop withdrawal were clear"
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Accordingly, these two concepts were identified as most unknown and ununderstood concepts.
Helga's confrontation at the novel's beginning between a "formidable antagonist" which is "nameless and ununderstood," and which is described as a "ruthless force" that is "within herself," illustrates this struggle (Larsen 1986, 10-11).The exterior antagonist is the pressure of the status quo, the heteronormative frame that is continuously fitted around her at every move, and the force within herself is her love of gorgeousness, which attempts to keep her free of that frame, separate, visible, and apart from human kinship systems.
Class materials should bring together rich and diverse materials for assessment and debate, guided by Llewellyn's emphatic rule: "better less, with real understanding, than more of the ununderstood ...