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Adj.1.unuseable - not capable of being used
useless - having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully; "a kitchen full of useless gadgets"; "she is useless in an emergency"
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This new engine slots in between the entry level E220d and the heavy artillery from AMG in the form of the E63 and E63S, both of which have over 500bhp and performance that's unuseable on the public road.
The unfortunate part is that the condition of the road from Ranikot which leads towards Merikot stands completely ruined and unuseable. The only alternative is a six-kilometre uneven stony path which is risky for visitors.
It was supposed to finish with them being gunned down (and dying, as all of the Blackadder series did), but the footage they had was unuseable, so they slowed down what they could and cross-faded it with a poppy field.
If you drove past the works during this time you would have seen piles and piles of iron railings which had been cut from people's front gardens, from parks and estates, all unuseable because it was the wrong sort of metal.
I find it alarming that following the refurbishment the runway is unuseable due to ice.
In low light, these problems are amplified, making it unuseable. However, the colours are quiet vibrant and punchy.
In a dunk test, the IP67 grade water resistant iPhone 7 easily outperformed the original iPhone, which was rendered unuseable as soon as it was submerged.
Nicola Sturgeon can keep Scotland in Nato without having Trident - unuseable weapons of mass destruction - on our doorstep, just as Spain , Canada, Poland, Portugal and others do.
The ratio of qualitative Xs to the unuseable ones in the outsourcing unit equals to 263 while its 51 in the unit which is not yet outsourced so there is a meaningful relationship between the two hospitals in means of the ratio of qualitative Xs in both places.
Unfortunately, the CMIM still appears unuseable, either as a co-financing facility in tandem with the IMF or as a stand-alone alternative.