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Noun1.unusual person - a person who is unusualunusual person - a person who is unusual    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
anachronism - a person who seems to be displaced in time; who belongs to another age
aberrant - one whose behavior departs substantially from the norm of a group
albino - a person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin; eyes are usually pink
automaton, zombi, zombie - someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way; "only an automaton wouldn't have noticed"
eccentric, eccentric person, oddball, flake, geek - a person with an unusual or odd personality
behemoth, colossus, goliath, monster, giant - someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful
Jekyll and Hyde - someone with two personalities - one good and one evil
kook, odd fellow, odd fish, odd man out, queer bird, queer duck - someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
misfit - someone unable to adapt to their circumstances
rara avis, rare bird - a rare or unique person
transexual, transsexual - a person who has undergone a sex change operation
ugly duckling - an ugly or unpromising child who grows into a beautiful or worthy person
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a nervous Andrew Wallace, defending, said: "The defendant is somebody who is an unusual person to be in this position.
This is not because he is an unusual person - many of his symptoms are very common - but it is highly unusual to find a person with such signs of danger in the office of presidency.
She explained, "I don't think I am misunderstood because I am an unusual person with an unusual life.
About Trump, she added: "This is a very unusual person to be president of the United States because I don't know if he doesn't know or doesn't care what the American people think ...
H Is for Hawk (Blackstone Audio, $34.95, 11 hours, ISBN 9781481530965) is a compellingly unusual book and author Helen Macdonald, a compellingly unusual person. A gifted writer, thinker and ponderer of the curative power of the wild world, she's also a poet and, most importantly, a falconer.
Maybe it takes an unusual person to give a dusty educational institution a new direction.
After sending the pool report, Wilson noticed an unusual person on the list, who was titled as the "Chief of Station" -- a term used to refer to CIA station chiefs in a given country.
So I might seem an unusual person to pontificate about whether fathers should be present during child birth.
IT would take an unusual person to be relishing the approach of 2017 because it will be the centenary of the British document that effectively founded the modern state of Israel.
A low-key holiday, by the sound of it, and he comes across as a low-key person -- but also an unusual holiday, not just following the herd, and he seems an unusual person, the kind who'll stay true to his views just because they are his views.
"I think he will be best remembered for his charity work, and you know those tracksuits he always used to wear, and he was just an unusual person.
I was not aware that I was the only woman in this category, but when I joined the ABA's GC committee, I was an unusual person in the room.