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Not usual, common, or ordinary.

un·u′su·al·ly adv.
un·u′su·al·ness n.
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Noun1.unusualness - uncommonness by virtue of being unusualunusualness - uncommonness by virtue of being unusual
uncommonness - extraordinariness as a consequence of being rare and seldom encountered
strangeness, unfamiliarity - unusualness as a consequence of not being well known
usualness - commonness by virtue of not being unusual
References in classic literature ?
Nobody seemed to notice the unusualness of a Martini at midnight, though Daylight looked sharply for that very thing; for he had long since learned that Martinis had their strictly appointed times and places.
Then there were white railings and white gates all about, and glittering weathercocks of various design, and garden-walks paved with pebbles in beautiful patterns,--nothing was quite common at Garum Firs; and Tom thought that the unusual size of the toads there was simply due to the general unusualness which characterized uncle Pullet's possessions as a gentleman farmer.
In this part of the protection prayers, the Loricas, we are dealing with ancient concepts that have the unusualness and in general the impression that we must actually address their meaning.
Authors are encouraged, if possible, to place those observations in historical perspective, using standard climate monitoring tools such as anomalies, departures from a baseline, or measures of unusualness.
In this sense, boldness runs rampant in every scene, exploring the unusualness of the love triangle, in which all involved are aware of what is at stake and, although with some caution, attempt to live what is possible without demands that would undermine the relationship.
Prof Green said it helped them "see that, behind the unusualness, what the child is intending to communicate is often just like any other child".
The unusualness of a delegation of such magnitude, combined with the way the ACA was enacted, both counsel against presuming any such delegation would have been intended.
This novel, due to its magical realism, unusualness and imagery, acts as an escape for the reader.
The unusualness of Steward's approach displays itself right in the first chapter where she not only refuses to confine her discussion beforehand to situations involving rationality, ethical choice, or otherwise exalted deliberation, but also questions all attempts to define freedom as something uniquely human.
Professor Morales Olazabal similarly proposes, in line with the spirit of the SOX certification requirements, that courts adopt a presumption that management was aware of problems or misconduct within the firm that reach a certain threshold of size, importance, and unusualness.
But when I [observed] him in interactions with my older brothers, I didn't take his unusualness negatively.
The influence of positive affect on the unusualness of word associations.