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 (ŭn-wôr′ən-tə-bəl, -wŏr′-)
Not justifiable; inexcusable: unwarrantable criticism.

un′war′rant·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.unwarrantably - in an unwarrantable manner or to an unwarranted degree; "in this painting, the relationship of the upper part of the body to the lower is uneasy and the right thigh seems unwarrantably stressed"
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Should any unwarrantably pert young Leviathan coming that way, presume to draw confidentially close to one of the ladies, with what prodigious fury the
His marriage seemed an unmitigated calamity; and he was afraid of going to Rosamond before he had vented himself in this solitary rage, lest the mere sight of her should exasperate him and make him behave unwarrantably. There are episodes in most men's lives in which their highest qualities can only cast a deterring shadow over the objects that fill their inward vision: Lydgate's tenderheartedness was present just then only as a dread lest he should offend against it, not as an emotion that swayed him to tenderness.
"That's the proposition," he repeated to himself; "what will they-all do when the play is close and down to brass tacks?" He felt unwarrantably suspicious of them.
Had he sprung at her, or snarled, or shown any anger or resentment such as did the other dogs when so treated by her, she would have screamed and screeched and raised a hubbub of expostulation, crying for help and calling all men to witness how she was being unwarrantably attacked.
This detachment from the material world was so complete that, though the mortal envelope of Mr Verloc had not hastened unduly along the streets, that part of him to which it would be unwarrantably rude to refuse immortality, found itself at the shop door all at once, as if borne from west to east on the wings of a great wind.
It would cost much time, and would unwarrantably inconveni- ence your master --"
"I have to apologize," he said, "for making use of your name unwarrantably this morning--telling a lie, in fact.
Magnus the lady into whose room he had so unwarrantably intruded on the previous night; and the spectacles had no sooner crossed Mr.
Their action is a credit to the teaching profession, which was so unwarrantably attacked by a recent correspondent, who made a sneering reference to "a so-called educator".
Invoking the punishment trope, he declared that the loss of life was a "penalty of unwarrantably interfering with nature, being occasioned by syncope, by excess of pain or by moral shock from the thought of the crime." (112)
He claimed that the hazard was obvious, that management knew about it and that management had unwarrantably failed to take action to address the alleged hazard.
380 (1927), struck down a state law under the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, as representing an "arbitrary and unreasonable exercise of the police power, unwarrantably infringing the liberty of the defendant," in context where the conduct in question consisted of speech and references were made in the state court opinion to the challenges based on the "constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech," which that court had rejected.