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Noun1.unwelcome guest - someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without payingunwelcome guest - someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without paying
interloper, intruder, trespasser - someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission
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How provoking it is, my dear Catherine, that this unwelcome guest of yours should not only prevent our meeting this Christmas, but be the occasion of so much vexation and trouble!
Several questions were addressed to him, on the subject of the game he had killed, which he answered readily, and with some little interest; and the landlord, between whom and Natty there existed much cordiality, on account of their both having been soldiers in youth, offered him a glass of a liquid which, if we might judge from its reception, was no unwelcome guest. When the forester had got his potation also, he quietly took his seat on the end of one of the logs that lay nigh the fires, and the slight interruption produced by his entrance seemed to he forgotten.
The shrubs under the archway swayed and burst apart, as that unwelcome guest was shot out of them like a cannon-ball.
The King now began again to think how he could free himself from his unwelcome guests. He commanded the master to come before him, and said, 'If you will take gold, and give up your right to my daughter, you shall have as much as you like.'
Their leaders were men who had sported so long with life, that when Thought and Wisdom came, even these unwelcome guests were led astray by the crowd of vanities which they should have put to flight.
It is just an unwelcome guest. It is a disease just like any other disease.
An unwelcome guest who abused his hospitality, he was finally handed over to police yesterday.
If indeed their anti-Ruto antics were working, the DP would be an unwelcome guest in Mt Kenya but he still enjoys massive support and following in that region.
The situation has calmed since the British government presented its plan regarding the rights of EU citizens, but Koscarontialikova had felt like an unwelcome guest in Britain before, she claimed.
Many a ditch, hedge or tree has received an unwelcome guest.
Whether the alligator was lost, looking for a friend, or just trying to get an education, it was ultimately an unwelcome guest on the Alcorn campus.
Shifting back to peer threats as described in FM 3-0, Operations, and the decisive action training environment in the Operation Unwelcome Guest scenario allows AC and RC MICCC students to regain essential military intelligence (MI) critical tasks and doctrine.