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adj. un·wield·i·er, un·wield·i·est
1. Difficult to carry or handle because of size, shape, or weight: an unwieldy parcel.
2. Hindering progress because of complexity; hard to manage or deal with: an unwieldy bureaucracy.

un·wield′i·ly adv.
un·wield′i·ness n.
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Noun1.unwieldiness - the quality of being difficult to direct or control by reason of complexity; "avoiding the unwieldiness of formal legal processes"; "the onset of unwieldiness and bureaucracy in large organizations"
troublesomeness, worriment, inconvenience - a difficulty that causes anxiety
2.unwieldiness - trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shapeunwieldiness - trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape; "the movers cursed the unwieldiness of the big piano"
troublesomeness, worriment, inconvenience - a difficulty that causes anxiety
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صُعوبَة الإسْتِعمال بِسَبَب الثِّقَل
òaî aî vera erfiîur í meîförum


(anˈwiːldi) adjective
large and awkward to carry or manage. A piano is an unwieldy thing to move.
unˈwieldiness noun
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Prizes were chosen for unwieldiness and included tinned fish, buckets and sombreros.
A second response to the objection of unwieldiness is to reiterate the local nature of these deliberative groups.
The unwieldiness of Owens Weekes's term, while pointing to an interpretive paradigm being left behind by its object, also evokes the difficulty of correlating critical discourse with the changing circumstances of contemporary Irish fiction.
I recently chatted with Jos about the book (and about unwieldiness, and oranges, and transness, and hope).
The characterization of Maria and Julia offers a glimpse of vanity's positive effects, though we are also subtly cautioned as to the passion's unwieldiness. They are said to be among "the belles of the neighbourhood," but instead of eliciting envy or resentment, they possess "its favour as well as its admiration" (40).
Intermediate identical transformations are omitted because of its triviality and to avoid excessive unwieldiness in the material presentation.
(130) To overcome this factor, standing in the public interest should be broadly interpreted, while special interest tests could be used to narrow the number of parties participating in the court process to prevent too much unwieldiness. (131) The dynamic of inclusion (discussed in subpart a(iii)) could further this expansion for, as Mark Warren puts it:
But the unwieldiness is part and parcel of the movie's ragged appeal.
"I know Wells has made some recent moves to simplify its businesses and maybe that is an acknowledgement of its unwieldiness."
From room to room, circumstances, aesthetics, and characters change, giving the video a certain unwieldiness. Individually, however, these vignettes have moments of crackling energy and sensitive texture.
So, for fear of the overstaffing and unwieldiness, only three kinds of elastic boundary conditions are selected, and the relevant stiffness of the five types of boundary elastic restraint parameters is shown in Table 1.
For some participants, the bigness and unwieldiness of their "prammed"-bodies created a mother baby assemblage that was felt as cumbersome to the point of being ridiculous.