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The once-celebrated brain surgeon lauded Trump, assuring him he was carrying out God's work, no less, and thanking him for his "incredible courage...stamina and resilience from unwithering criticism, unfair criticism, all the time." The episode stunned the media and illustrated how this president is completely above scrutiny.
But Sahu's unwithering support helped heal her emotional scars while medical treatment helped her regain 20 per cent eyesight.
"[A]s years on years depart," only "Anacreon" has "the soul to tie an / Unwithering myrtle round the unblunted dart / Of Eros," Byron observes in Don Juan (canto 16, sec.
It is derived from the Greek amarantos which means unwithering. Because some of these plants do not fade rapidly, the name connotes immortality.
Other intriguing icons include the "Virgin, the Unwithering Rose" flanked by the Saints George and Demetrios, and the icon that tells of the "Miracle of the Holy Girdle."
So would I write, haply not unhearing of that divine and nightly-whispering voice, which speaks to mighty minds, of predestinated garlands, starry and unwithering. (29)
This is the sort of on-message yet ardent statement that Melillo makes often, with unwithering sincerity.
She is another bridge character, both in her own hybrid identity and in her unwithering love for a man she left behind in Mexico.
"So that in the end there were only the birds, soaring, swooping, gliding, moving in a never-ending spiral about the withered and the unwithering tree."
One is much more inclined to call authors as witnesses who command an unwithering originality--the "big" authors of the moment with whom one enters into a spiritual communion over the problem at hand.
One is that the questions it raised (though never answered)--about the nature and purpose of growth, the deadly weight of a hierarchical society and of an unwithering state, about the inanity of frontiers--are more topical than ever in a depressed Europe with its millions of unemployed.
Even if in often crude and clumsy terms, the young rebles were reaising questions connected with problems facing advanced capitalism: not only the distribution of the product, but the very purpose of growth; the reasons for the hierarchial division of labor or for the artificial expansion of the unwithering state.