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How do these less privileged reinvent their ethos as listeners and unwork the negative, racialized perceptions of their acts of listening?
Jimenez Heffernan exemplifies how some characters--Charles Ryder, the Flyte family--in Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited (1945) can unwork the organic community into an exceptional, inoperative community through a "craving for distinction" (86).
The report, carried out in conjunction with consultancy Unwork, is the culmination of more than 100 interviews with senior figures in the banking, property and HR industry and makes predictions on some of the potentially seismic changes which will take place in the sector in the coming years.
In her article on the increase in feminised--flexible, caring, multitasking, relationship-building--affective labour in 'an entrepreneurialized post-crash economy', Carol Stabile returns to Valerie Solanas's SCUM manifesto based on a '(science)fictional organization' for, amongst other things, orchestrated unwork. (37) When you are 'working like a dog', unwork, including the withdrawal of content and expertise, has strategic-anarchic appeal.
As a consequence, interfaces cast what he calls "the glow of unwork" (Galloway, 2012, page 25).
To watch a mind unwork itself fascinates, makes human.
Recognizing the limitation of the Classical as the formal simulation of thought's completion, Hegel therefore introduces the Romantic to unwork form and formulation once again, as subjectivity, yet again fails to "find its adequate reality" in external shapes (A, 1:442).
An obvious and expandable source of unwork was the government.
They "unwork" it, in Nancy's terms, by threatening us with a "view from nowhere," a view that lacks any particular human perspective (Nagel passim).
As supplement to the ODA work of the NPO Indo-Japan Maitri Association alluded to earlier, surely the Bollywood-based entanglements of Japanese and Indo-kei in Tokyo's civic space can unwork the hierarchies implicit in the ODA model, this Bollywood India a coeval (i.e.
At the head of this emerging notion is the techno-futurist research and development company UnWork. Their recent WorkTech conferences in London and Amsterdam aimed to further explore the potential of so-called 'activity-work' by bringing together under one roof 200 of the greatest contemporary minds in fields as diverse as real estate, information technology, cultural studies and demographics analysis.
The solar-plexus theories simultaneously unwork organicism by reversing body-mind causality and positing instead human morphology as partly determined by the "variable flows of the unconscious." The figure for this unconscious is, of course, Lawrence's human infant, "not just a new permutation-and-combination of elements contained in the natures of the parents." While this element of causelessness effectively challenges the conventional notion of physiological types that populated eugenic and degenerationist discourses of the period, Gordon also demonstrates its value as a theory of pure being, in the same domain as Bergson's virtuality or Deleuze's singularity.